Do You Want to Maximize Your Football Potential?


Hi, I'm Alvin Grier of Elite Sports Agency.  

I wasn't ready to stop playing when my eligibility was up in college.

I wanted to play pro!  In my eyes, I had what it took, and all I wanted was a chance to prove myself to pro teams.

I wasn't a big NFL prospect my senior year, so I didn't have agents lining up to represent me. It was up to me to figure out how to get a shot.  

What really got to me, was turning on the tv, and seeing players in the NFL that I balled-out against in college.  

All I wanted was a shot.  But I never got that shot.
I wish I knew then, what I know now, but I'm in my 30's.  It's too late for me.

My experiences on the business side of pro sports have taught me a lot, though.

One of the big lessons I've learned is that there's a lot of "little things" many NFL players do that the average college or high school player simply don't.

You know why the pros do these "little" things?

Because they help them play at a high level, and help them extend their careers.

I decided to dedicate a full year to making a "little guide" that can bridge the gap, so players that want to play pro can start implement these "little" things themselves, and reap the benefits.


"If you have the talent to play pro, Move the Chains will not only help you get a shot, but it'll help you get prepared for it too, which is just as important."
-NIGEL THARPE, 2001 NFL Undrafted Free Agent


Gain an Edge on the Football Field By Knowing What Pros Know.


Have you ever heard the saying "Knowing is half the battle?"

Do me a favor, and read through the below list of some of the experts that affect or influence a pro football player's career at some point...

As you read each one, ask yourself how much you know about these fields, yourself:

 Sports Agent  

 Sports Psychologist





 Sports Medicine Doctor

 Massage Therapist

 College All-Star Game Selection Committee

Combine Training Facility Personnel

Yoga instructor

So how many of those fields do you know about?

If you're like I was when I played, probably not many.


Pro Players Have Benefited From The Expertise of these Professionals for Years... Now You Can

You lift weights, and train like a mad man in the off-season...

Unfortunately, every body else does too.

What are you doing that your competition isn't that can give you an edge?

From working with and knowing experts like those mentioned above, a lot of pro players know "little things" that you probably don't.

These "little things" make them better football players.

And they can do the same thing for you.


Introducing... Move the Chains, a one of a kind, 150-page, 39 chapter-long collection of ways you can gain an edge.

On the field, and off.

You'll learn everything you need to know to give yourself a "real" shot at playing pro football...

  • How to improve your chances of playing pro football.
  • How to get in-front of pro scouts, and what they want to see out of you when you show up.
  • What you need to do to get scouts to notice you.  Even if you play at a small school.
  • You'll discover how to eat, train, think, study film, and take care of your body like a pro.
  • Learn what scouts want to see when they come to visit you in person.
  • You have to play in college, before you can play pro, so I'll teach you how to improve your chances of earning a college scholarship.

...and more!


"There's no such thing as a how to guide on playing in the NFL, but this book might be the closest I've seen."
-LARRY LEE, former Detroit Lions V.P. of Football Operations, 8-year NFL Veteran


Who Am I?


I work for Elite Sports Agency (ESA), which services 15 current NFL players, and several UFL and CFL players.

As a collegiate football player, I earned my Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees (in Information Technology) from Ferris State University.

With multiple friends that have played in the NFL, I know first-hand that most prospective pro football players know very little about the ins and outs of the pro football industry.

I believe that your chances of success increase when your views and understandings are based on reality.  To help bridge the gap between fantasy and reality for prospective pro football players, I created

I've gained a great deal of knowledge and wisdom in the Sports Management industry from my mentors, Glen Lansky (co-owner of ESA), and Dr. G. Lynn Lashbrook (founder of Sports Management Worldwide), who collectively have over 45 years of experience in the industry, and have represented over 70 NFL clients.

But enough about me.

Let's talk about you.


Do You Want to be Faster, Stronger, and More Explosive on the Football Field?

Take Chapter 13 of Move the Chains entitled, What You Can Do to Become Strong, More Powerful, and More Explosive, for example.

This chapter covers stuff most amateur football players don't know, but most strength trainers do.

Here are a few of the things I touch-on in Chapter 13:


A muscle group most players neglect, that will improve your balance, power, explosion, and speed.

How and why this muscle group improves your strength, power, explosion, speed, and more.

Why this muscle group can reduce your risk of injury.

Why training this muscle group will make you more elusive and athletic on the football field.


Do You Want a 40 Time You Can Brag About?

Would you agree that most that people that train players for the NFL Combine probably know more than you do about the 40 yard dash than you do?

In Chapter 34, Want to Be Faster in the 40 Yard Dash?, I give you tips that I've personally seen Combine training staff give to football players when they're training for the Combine and their pro days.

Here's a little sample of what I cover:

 Small mistakes in technique most players make that hurt their 40 time.

  How to find the best and most effective starting position for you.

  Why the positioning of your rear arm might be hurting your 40 time


 Why your weight distribution in your starting stance impacts your 40 time.


 A "mind trick" you can play on yourself to improve your 40 time.

...and more.


"...As a former college athlete now working in the professional sports world, I respect your opinion and realistic perspective. Your book answered all the questions I was asking myself. Great job!"
-Jane S., Minnesota Mother of 2012 NFL Draft-eligible player


Do You Want to Get the Most Out of the Time You Spend in the Weight Room?


Unfortunately, there's a lot of schools, colleges included, that don't have the financial resources to have a quality strength and conditioning staff.

I know this from experience.

It's sad, because way too many players fail to meet their potential as a result.

In Chapter 14, How to Make Sure Your Off-Season Strength Training is Making You a Better Football Player, I:

Reveal three things you want to check before you begin any strength training program, to keep you from wasting your time following it.

 Give you the two features every strength program needs to have, if you want maximum results.

 Unveil the four stages your off-season strength program needs to have to make sure you're getting bigger, faster, and stronger.

In Chapter 32 ...Stop Losing Your Strength and Muscle Mass During the Football Season, I explain:

The best days of the week to lift weights during the season, to get the most out of your sessions.

How often you need to lift weights during the season to maintain the gains you made during the off-season.

How to avoid plateauing during the season.

The one tip that will help you continue to get stronger, even if you're injured.

Unfortunately, there's another far-too-common downside to "winging-it" when it comes to your strength training regimen.

In Chapter 17, It Pays to Recover: Nine Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Training I touch on topics like:

Why it's important to get the right amount of rest.

The shocking truth on how both getting either too little rest, or getting too much rest can negatively affect your strength gains.

Little known ways to find out the exact amount of rest you need to get every ounce of benefit out of your training regimen.

In Chapter 9, I cover topics like:

How to find a strength training program from a reputable, well-qualified source, even if you can't afford to pay a trainer to train you during the off-season.

 The seven areas your training program your training regimen must have, if you're serious about wanting to play pro.

 A free resource you can start using today that will help you get better at all of the combine drills.

The two types of stretching, and why it's important to know when to use either type. If you don't know this, your athletic performance and the quality of your training regimen can be negatively impacted.



Scouts Love Players With Poise... Learn How to Get Yourself Mentally Prepared to Perform At-Will.


Sports Psychologists use their knowledge of Kinesiology and Psychology to help players improve their performance.

Have you ever been seen by a Sports Psychologist?  

If not, don't you think their knowledge can make you a better football player?

Of course, it can.

Lucky for you, you don't have to have the money to see a Sports Psychologist to take advantage of some of their tactics and methods.

Check out some of the topics covered in Chapter 12, Nine Mental Preparation Techniques that Really Work!

How to think before your tryout, practice, game, etc., to increase your chance of being successful.

Why doing this one particular thing wrong when you're visualizing could be zapping your energy.

A powerful technique for overcoming mental blocks that are keeping you from being able to visualize.

Why going through your warmup routine in a certain way can improve your chances of performing well.

The mental part of the game is so important, I had to make two chapters on it.

In Chapter 23, Amazing Techniques for Overcoming Pre-Game Jitters, I reveal:

Six ways learning to relax can improve your performance on the field

Three proven techniques you can use to relax before your games, tryouts, practices, etc.

...and more.


"Very insightful... I like how you kept driving the point of being persistent... I know I'll get my shot for sure now."


Be One of the Few Players that REALLY Knows How to Study Film

Learning how to get the most out of your football film study is yet another way to gain an edge on the football field.

The more you can correctly anticipate on the field, the more plays you'll make.

Bottom line, if you're not watching film effectively, you're selling yourself short.

In Chapter 33, I explain:

What you should be looking for when you're watching film on an upcoming opponent.  You can't learn what to anticipate, if you're not looking at the right thing.

How to consistently get better by evaluating your own film.  I let you in on a philosophy you can use to speed-up your own development as a football player. 

The one thing you should do when you're watching film that will enhance your ability to recall what you learned from film study on game day.


See How Easily You Can Get an Edge By Learning How to Eat Right.


Are you sure you're eating right, or are you just "winging it?"

What you eat determines whether or not your body has what it needs for muscle growth, energy, and a lot more.

A lot of pro football players hire nutritionists.

Nutritionists help them make sure what they're eating is helping them accomplish their goals, and not hurting them.

Unfortunately, it can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 per visit to see a nutritionist.

Even if a nutritionist isn't in your budget, there are some basics to nutrition that can make you a better player.

In Chapter 9, Make Sure You're Prepared for Your Shot..., I touch on the multiple ways eating right can help you.  

You might be surprised.

In Chapter 18, What Every Football Player Should Know about Protein and Carbohydrates, I reveal:

The threshold where your body stops using the protein you're consuming.  If you take any more than the amount I reveal in this chapter, you're wasting your money.

Why protein does more for your than just help you gain muscle mass.

When you should consume protein (you might be surprised).

 How to know when you should eat protein, and when you should drink it.
A formula you can use to figure out how much protein you should consume per day.


"At just 27 or 28, you're already over the hill, so you don't have a lot of time for trial and error. The insight in Move the Chains can help you learn the ropes from the beginning."
-CARLTON BREWSTER, 2006 NFL Undrafted Free Agent


Carbohydrates give your muscles the energy they need to help you perform at your best.

Here's a small sample of what we cover on our discussion about Carbohydrates.

How to figure out how many carbs you need.

When you should consume complex carbs, and when you should consume simple carbs.

Why "stocking-up" on carbs before a game, or other major event can give you an edge over the competition.




Be One of the Few That Knows How to Promote Themselves to Pro Football Teams

Working for an agency, I can tell you what I know for sure:

You don't always need an agent to land a roster spot on a pro football team.

Unfortunately, way too many players sit around waiting to find an agent, only to end up letting valuable time slip by.

Next thing you know, you're 28 years old, wondering what could've happened.

In Chapter 6, The Fastest and Easiest Way to Market Yourself to Pro Football Teams, I reveal:


 What you should say and not say, do and not do, when it comes to contacting pro football teams.

The best times of year to contact teams in all of the major pro American football leagues.

How to find the contact information for the decision-makers for pro football teams.

Powerful tips that'll help increase the likelihood that the decision-makers like you when you reach out to them.

In Chapter 7, Why You Don't Have to Have an Agent to Accomplish Your Dream, I deliver the low-down on:

 Just how much an agent can and can't help you, when it comes to landing a roster spot on a pro team.

 How much time you should spend trying to find an agent.

...and more!


"(Move the Chains) gives us small school athletes a way to put ourselves in the best position for an opportunity. He gives you insight that many agents won't give you, and also exposes you to the way many agents and professional team front offices think. As a small school athlete hoping to get a shot, I think this has been a great resource for myself & several players I mentor."
-JORDAN MCGOWAN, All Conference Cornerback, Humboldt State



Make the Agent Selection Process Easier for Yourself.


Look, I know your dream is to play in the NFL, but what if you can't play in the league right away?

What if you can't get a spot in the CFL, Arena League, IFL, USFL, or any other league in the United States?

In Chapter 10, What Every Pro Hopeful Should Know about European Pro Football Leagues I share with you:

 Which European league I've heard player's say is the best one to play in.  If you're going to play one of the European leagues, you may as well do your best to play in the best one, right?

 The websites you need to become familiar with to learn more about the European football leagues.


What Every Aspiring NFL Player Should Know About the USFL.


Great news!  If you don't go to the NFL right from college, there's a new pro football league coming that will give you an opportunity to keep your NFL dream alive.

Yep, the USFL is back.

In Chapter 31, I give you all the information you want to know that's available at this point about the new league, covering topics like:

The kind of money USFL players will be making.

When the USFL combines (tryouts) will be taking place.

The level of competition that will likely be on USFL teams.

Where to go online to stay up-to-date on the latest news on the USFL.



The Truth About Indoor Football... What It's Like, and What to Expect.


There's a good chance that if you want to keep your NFL dream alive, you'll have to play some indoor football at some point of your career.

Indoor football is different from outdoor football in a lot of ways.

Some players have such a hard time adjusting, that they lose their spots on indoor teams.

All too often, failing to hang in there, marks the end of their pro football careers, and ultimately, their NFL dreams as well.

Don't let that happen to you.

In Chapter 26, I discuss:

The unique challenges the smaller field creates for players.  The more of these challenges you can expect before you get there, the better.

The one mental adjustment defensive players have to make, if they want to survive in indoor football.

The unique restrictions placed on the linebackers in the Arena Football League and Indoor Football League.  

A major adjustment college safeties often have to make when they transition to the indoor game.


"If you get a shot to begin with, you'd better be in-shape and ready. I like that this book steps a prospect through the right way to prepare themselves for what's to come..."
-REGGIE SWINTON, Five-year NFL Veteran



Take the Guesswork out of Picking an Agent.


The agent you pick is one of the biggest decisions you'll make as a pro athlete.

Do you know someone personally who has experience working with agents?

If not, how are you going to know what questions to ask them when you're interviewing them?

In Chapter 8, How to Take the Guesswork out of Picking an Agent, I let you in on:

Powerful questions you can use to eliminate unqualified agents from consideration.  If you're in school, playing ball, and trying to maintain some type of a personal life, you don't have a lot of time to play around.

The laws that regulate agents in each state.  You don't want to risk your athletic eligibility, so it's important to know who you can speak to, and when you can speak with them, in case your school doesn't tell you.



You Want Scouts to Consider You One of the Best, So Shouldn't You At Least Know What They're Looking For?


Ahhh, good ole scouts.  The men that hold your football future in their hands.

You know what's funny?  

Most people will look over job descriptions before they apply for a normal job, right?

But why is it that most guys that want to play pro football have absolutely no idea what scouts look for when they're being scouted?

Isn't that silly?

If you know a scout personally, you might want to ask him what scouts look for, so you can do your best to show them what they're looking for.

If not, you absolutely need to read Chapter 28, When Scouts Evaluate Your Character..., where I reveal:

The character flaws that will turn-off most NFL teams, and what you can do to avoid them.

 Exactly what scouts look for when they're evaluating your character, so you can conduct yourself accordingly.

The four character categories pro teams will put you in, and what each category mean regarding your pro potential.

Ever wondered what exactly scouts are looking for when they come to check you out in person?

In Chapter 27, 12 Things NFL Scouts Look for..., I talk about:

The specific physical and character traits scouts are looking for when they come to see you in-person, so you can show them what they want to see.

The one place scouts will watch you at, that you might not expect.  Don't slip-up.

 Who scouts will reach out to at your school for inside information on you.  Whatever you do, make sure you treat these people at your school with the utmost respect and kindness.

Would you like to get an idea of what your NFL Draft stock might be?  

In Chapter 3, you'll learn:

 A free on-line resource you can use to get a feel for your NFL Draft stock.  You don't want to think you're a lock for getting drafted, only to get a rude awakening down the line.

How to use this resource to get a feel for whether you'll probably be drafted, an undrafted free agent, or not picked up at all. 

Chapter 5, What it Takes to Play in the NFL at Your Position, covers topics like:

A free on-line resource you can use to get an idea of what pro scouts look for in players at your position.  Now you'll be able to focus on developing the specific skills pro scouts are going to look for when they're evaluating you.

 A free on-line resource you can use to find drills and tips that will help you get better at the specific traits NFL scouts look for in players at your position.

...and more.

In Chapter 25, I introduce you to the "Production Ratio," which many NFL scouts use to evaluate defensive linemen and linebackers.  I touch on topics like:

The formula scouts use to come up with your production ratio.  With this information, you can now work on improving your ratio, if necessary.

The ratio number that scouts consider impressive.  Knowing this, you can set a goal for yourself that you know will make you a more attractive prospect in the eyes of pro football teams.



Scouts and Coaches LOVE Players that Are Leaders.


It doesn't matter whether you're talking about NFL or college, this rule always rings true:

Coaches and pro football personnel staff absolutely love leaders.

And for good reason. 

A major factor in the success or failure of a football team is the leadership; that of the coaching staff, as well as the level of leadership amongst the players.

If you want to become a more attractive prospect, you definitely want to improve your leadership skills.

In Chapter 24, I unveil:

Why leadership is important.  If you understood just how important it is to your team, you'll instantly get motivated to work on your own leadership skills...  Which will make you a more attractive prospect, from a character standpoint.

What Tim Tebow and Ray Lewis know about leadership that is crucial to you becoming a successful leader.

The one skill that will make it easier for you to motivate and inspire your teammates.


If You're Going to Spend Your Money to Attend the NFL Regional Combines, Don't You Want to At Least Know What to Expect?


Depending on your situation, it may be a good idea to get to one of the NFL Regional Combines.

Before you sign up to go, make sure you check out Chapter 38, where I touch on:

The "real deal" on the kind of exposure you can expect to get from these combines.

The truth on just how many players have went on from these events to get opportunities with NFL teams.

An honest, first-hand account of what it's like at the NFL Regional Combines, as told to me from a player that took part in one himself.

What it takes to register to take part in one of the regional combines.

An inside look at the evaluation process, and how they decide who gets invited to the Super Regional Combine in Detroit.


The Low-Down on College All-Star Games.


All-star games.  Outside of winning a National Championship, can you think of a better way to end your collegiate career other than playing in one?

But how much do you really know about them?  

If your goal is to play in one, doesn't it makes sense to know more about them than you know now?

In Chapter 39,  I reveal:

The truth regarding the kind of exposure you can expect, television/radio-wise, as well as how many scouts attend the all-star games and practices.

Whether or not lobbying to get into an all-star game works.

An explanation of the level of players that get invited to each all-star game.  If you're going to have someone lobby to get you in an all-star game, you may as well make sure they're lobbying for you at an all-star game you can realistically play in.  Otherwise, you could be wasting your time.

How many players at each all-star game go on to play in the NFL.

The invite processes for the major all-star games, so you know what to expect your senior year.


"I enjoyed your book very much, I have found very limited literature for people who are trying to get back to the league. The book has definitely helped me to realize we need to take the initiative and be persistent. It has been extremely helpful and I am really glad I came across your site."
-Ashley D., Murray, KY Wife of former NFL/CFL player looking to get back to the NFL



What it Takes to Get a Shot in the NFL Despite Not Getting Drafted.


Truth is, it's a very small group of guys that get drafted or picked-up as undrafted free agents by NFL teams coming out of college.

Some guys had to work their ways up to the NFL by proving themselves in some smaller football leagues first.

If you know somebody personally who did it, it would be smart to ask them what they had to do to make it.

If not, you might find Chapter 1 a good read, where I reveal:

The names and backgrounds of several players that got shots at the NFL that weren't drafted or undrafted free agents out of college.  If you don't go straight to the NFL out of college, you can look at these guys as inspiration.

The leagues these players played in before getting a shot at playing in the NFL.  You may be surprised to see where most of these players started their pro careers.

It's cool to be inspired, but inspiration will only take you so far, so in Chapter 2, I talk about:

The specific accomplishments these player's had in college.  With this information, you'll now be able to set goals for yourself that you know will improve your chances of getting a shot in the NFL.

What these players accomplished in the lower-level pro football leagues.  If you end up having to play in a lower-level pro football league, now you know what goals to set for yourself.




Little Known Ways to Overcome the Physical and Mental Obstacles of Being Injured.


I don't mean to sound harsh, but pro teams don't want damaged goods.  

Playing this sport, you're going to get injured, so you'd better know how to bounce back from them, if you want to be (or remain) a pro prospect.

In Chapter 15, 5 Little-Known Keys to Bouncing Back from Injuries, I give you the low-down on:

A powerful technique you can use to get and stay motivated during your road to recovery from your injury.  

The one thing you should do any time you get injured.  This will help alleviate the anxiety and reduce your chances of getting depressed about being injured.

Proven visualization techniques you can use to improve your football abilities, even if you can't physically play at the moment.



Are You Out of the Loop About How Chiropractors Can Make You a Better Football Player?


What do Jerry Rice and Joe Montana have in common?  Other than being arguably the best quarterback/receiver combo in NFL history, of course?

They both sought out chiropractic care throughout their careers, for it's many benefits.

In fact, 31 of the 32 NFL teams have chiropractors available for their players.

In Chapter 16, How Chiropractic Care Can Make You a Better Football Player, I reveal:

The three ways chiropractic adjustments can help you as a football player.

How chiropractic care can improve the communication between your brain and your nerve receptors located throughout your body.

Why chiropractic adjustments can reduce your risk of injury.


"I appreciate Alvin's personal testimony. He does a good job of using his testimony and experience to teach guys how to put themselves in the best possible position to play in the NFL."
-ROMAN OBEN, 12-year NFL veteran, Super Bowl XXXVII champion



What Every Football Player Should Know About Yoga.


If you're serious about playing pro, and you're not doing yoga...

All I can say is:

1) "Wow," and

2) "Start doing yoga ASAP."

In Chapter 20, I uncover:

Five ways yoga will physically make you a better football player.  If you knew just how much it could help you, you'd start doing yoga tonight.  Trust me.

Three ways yoga will help you mentally, both on and off the field.

Just how many pro football players and teams embrace yoga and it's benefits.  You might be surprised.

By the way, did you know that massage therapy does more than just help you relax and relieve tension?

In Chapter 19, I reveal four ways massage therapy can help you as a football player.  After you learn this info, you might strongly consider seeing a Massage Therapist as soon as you can, as often as you can.


How to Improve Your Chances of Earning a College Football Scholarship.


Good luck playing pro football if you don't have any college football experience.

If you, or someone you know, wants to improve their chances of earning a football scholarship, check out Chapter 29, 16 Keys to Landing a College Football Scholarship, where I tell you:

Why building relationships with the right people can help you land a college football scholarship.

Where to go to meet the people you want to develop relationships with.

What you want to send to college teams when you're reaching out to them.  College coaches are busy, so if you don't send them what they need, you could blow your opportunity for them to consider you.

A resource you can use to identify schools you academically qualify to attend.  This will help you make sure your efforts are efficient, and that you're not wasting your time pursuing the wrong schools.

The one thing you need to figure out before you start seriously searching for schools and opportunities.

...and a lot more!


Seven Keys to a Successful Post-Football Transition.


The harsh reality, is that whether you make it to the NFL or not, you're going to have to hang-up the cleats one day.

This transition is extremely difficult for a lot of players, both mentally and financially.

In Chapter 30, I touch on topics like:

The one thing you should do that will improve your chances of landing a well-paying job when you're done with football.

Programs that are probably available to you for free that you can take advantage of that will help you make that transition down the line.

Where to go to meet people that can help make your transition to life after football much smoother.

Resources you can use to improve your financial literacy.  The better you are with your money, the smoother the transition will be; whether you make it pro or not.

If you find this one thing early enough, your chances of having a smooth transition to life after football skyrocket.




Did You Know that You're Competing With Over 60,000 NCAA Football Players for the Attention of Pro Scouts?


When I was in college, I had absolutely no idea just how many other football players there were are out here, until I got on the business side of the sport.

To say that competition is fierce for a roster spot in the NFL is a huge understatement.

All I knew, was that I was a standout player, and I felt I had what it took to play on Sundays.

Boy, was I naive.

I don't mean to discourage you, but check out these facts. 

There are:

 Over 60,000 NCAA football players

 Over 400 Arena League players

 Over 400 CFL (Canadian Football League) players

 Nearly 1200 players cut from NFL teams during training camps

 Nearly 450 IFL (Indoor Football League) Players

That's over 62,000 players busting their butts with dreams of making it to, or getting back to, the NFL. 

Just like you.  

And that's not even including the UFL, and the countless other little indoor football leagues scattered about the nation.

If I had it over, I wouldn't have worked harder. 

I would've worked smarter.

It's a lot easier to win, when you know the game.

Let me explain.

Do you think it's mere coincidence, that Peyton and Eli Manning are elite NFL quarterbacks?

Sure, they have some God-given talents. But it would be silly to think they didn't benefit from the wisdom, and knowledge of the "little things" their father, and former NFL quarterback, Archie Manning taught them.

Unfortunately for me, though, my dad wasn't an NFL player.

I didn't have anybody who'd "been there, and done that."

I didn't have anybody who had the NFL experience to teach me the "little things" that would give me an edge over the other 62,000 players out there trying to get scouts to notice them.

What about you?





"I played my last NFL snap when I was 26. A lot of guys don't realize that you don't have forever to try to make it happen."
-REGGIE BARNES, former NFL linebacker, Dallas Cowboys/Pittsburgh Steelers


You Don't Wanna Be Like Me, And Have Regrets.


Don't get me wrong.  I'm not going to sit here and act like I would've definitely been in the league if I knew then what I know now.

But I have to admit that I would be more at peace with not getting to there, if I would have known the stuff I know now.

Listen, it boils down to this...  

How bad do you want to play pro? 

Do you want an edge?

Do you think an edge can improve your chances of playing pro football?

Where else, other than Move the Chains, can you go and find all of these ways you can gain an edge on the football field in one place?

I mean, seriously?

Order your copy today.


Order "Move the Chains: Keys to Unlocking a Pro Football Career"


Here's what you get:


Move the Chains ($79 value)

Trust me when I tell you that it's a very select group of college players that get to go straight to the NFL out of college.  

Everybody else either gives up on their dream, or has to figure things out for themselves, because they can't find an agent that'll work with them, since they're not NFL-ready.

But not you.

  • Imagine the confidence you'll have as you finish up your college career, knowing that you don't absolutely need an agent in order to get a shot.

  • Imagine how relaxed you'll be as you finish your college football career, knowing exactly what to expect, and what to do if you don't get drafted.  
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